Professor Yu Zhaoyuan made a report on "Quantum Simulation Model Study of Highway Traffic Flow" at Zhangzhou College


1. Introduction to the report

From October 24th to October 25th, 2020, Professor Yu Zhaoyuan participated in an academic seminar on geographic information perception and service organized by the Institute of Geographic Information and Tourism of Zhangzhou College, and gave an academic report entitled “Quantum Simulation Model Study of Highway Traffic Flow”. Based on the problems existing in the classical traffic flow simulation model, the paper introduces the cause of the study of quantum traffic simulation model, puts forward the highway traffic flow simulation model based on quantum resonants and quantum random walk, constructs the non-observable human social process dynamic simulation method based on quantum random travel, and realizes the accurate simulation and scenario prediction of near-individual particle degree intercity highway traffic flow.

2. Introduction by experts

Zhai Zhaoyuan: Ph.D., Professor, School of Geosciences, Nanjing Normal University. Mainly engaged in GIS and geo-modeling research, based on space-time data model and space-time computing, multi-scale space-time data analysis, quantum computing and other fields carried out a more systematic work. In recent years, he has presided over 4 national projects, participated in more than 10 major national key projects as a key member, won the first prize of natural science of the Ministry of Education as the main finisher, 2 first prize of China’s geographic information science and technology progress, and 1 third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province. 3 national standards, 3 patents granted for inventions, and 9 software copyrights.